martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Steps for the Stair Calculator

  1. Measure the total rise of your stairs (from the surface of the upper floor to the surface of the lower floor). You can use either inches or centimeters in the stair calculator.
  2. Enter this amount into Stairs Total Rise and set the stair calculator for either inches or centimeters.
  3. Optional: If you need the length of the stairs Floor Opening in the upper floor then measure the thickness of the upper floor (it might be easier to subtract the ceiling height from the total rise) and enter this into Floor Thickness of the stair calculator.
  4. Select a common stair rise-run combination from Simple or enter your own in Custom.
  5. Press the Calculate button and read the results of the stair calculator in Exact Measurements
  6. Press the Print Results button at the bottom of the stair calculator. This displays a new page. To print this new page, go to the File menu at the top of the stair calculator results window. Then click on Print.